They are enemies of Syobon Action among these are ghosts, sleeping seals,pokeball like turtles , robots , cats thwomp, strong rooster , clouds , superheroes , monster cube (seen in the sprite) , cat monster (seen in 3D version) red suns (seen in 3D version) weird monsters (in 3D version), ghost king also Pedobear, Spongebob, Troll Face, PSY, Fishes and octopuses.

Enemies Edit

Ghosts Edit

Ghosts are the main enemies in the game. But there are many species of them like Spiked Ghosts, turtles, Underwater Ghosts, Para Ghosts, Parachute Ghosts, fire spitting ghosts, rocket ghosts and more

Seals Edit

Seals do jump and attack you from their pipes or dash underwater and headbutt you.

Underwater Enemies Edit

Underwater Enemies are really rare. They appear in Cat mario 3 & 4. Some underwater enemies are sharks, Bloopers, and underwater ghosts.

Flying Enemies Edit

The most appearing flying enemy is the superhero. Flying enemies are mostly used as platforms. Some flying Enemies are Para Ghosts, Para Turtles, superheroes and parachute ghosts.

Piranha Plants Edit

Piranha Plants are one of the most rarest enemies in the cat mario series. It only appears in the first level of cat mario 3.

Clouds Edit

Clouds were seen with eyes and an evil face.

Pedobear Edit

Pedobear appears in caves and castles. He jumps out of pipes and attacks you.

Cat Thwomp Edit

The Cat Thwomp is like a normal thwomp from mario.

Others Edit

Enemies like PSY or Spongebob are just some easter eggs and they dont really fit in in the cat mario series.